After years of creative silence - some 20 years - I returned to myself and took up brush and paint. It was a rediscovered love including passion (read love and hate).


Emotion is the bearer of every subject. The works are personal and very intimate. They reflect a state of mind and therefore have a vulnerable nature. Listing them for sale is an even more vulnerable thing. Like probably any other "artist", I am never "finished" with a work and there is always that urge to adapt, improve, perfect, thus never "finish" to part with it.


The motivation to exhibit and offer my works online here is at the request of several friends, acquaintances, students of my workshops and contacts. Thanks for driving me to this action, you know who you are.


In the meantime, several have already found a new place, thanks again for the appreciation and pleasant conversation about the purchased work.


Feel free to contact me with questions about a work, existing or not. The various options for delivery, finishing (frames, different types of prints for the digital work, ...).